Re-using jars with creativity Destacado

As we love the re-using philosophy we wanted to try this idea we saw in other sites about re-using jars to make a lamp. So using the ideas we created our own Reception Lamp. Using some old wooden boards(taken from an old door), a chain, jars and some electrical items we were able to make our lamp. 

We used: Wooden boards, chains, paint(to decorate the boards), chemical special treatment for wood (to avoid plagues), bulb sockets, LED bulbs, cable. 

On one side we prepared the wooden boards, sanding them and giving them a couple of layers of special treatment to avoid future plagues. At the end, we decorate the boards with paint, we make the holes for the cables and put the screws for the chains. 

On the other side we worked on the jars. We make a hole in the top of the jar for the bulb socket with a hammer and some nails. Afterwards we put the cable and the bulb socket and finally we attached everything to the lamp. (To see some steps in details, here there is a link in youtube of how this kind of lamps are made: Lamps made with jars)

Below find the pictures of our lamp. 

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